We help with business process and technological optimization, ensuring they work efficiently for the benefit of your personnel and clients.

How we help


Transformation of teams and organizations to Agile

Quick, iterative, and high quality product and service delivery to the client, continuous training and development, self–organization, and transparent work process – we know how to attain it all.

Uzņēmumu apmācības: Agile komandu un organizāciju transformācija
Uzņēmumu apmācības par ERP sistēmām, projektu vadību, Agile praksēm un LEAN


Internal and public corporate training on project management, Agile mindset and frameworks and LEAN. Theory and its application in practice. Learn from experienced experts.

Biznesa optimizācija: ERP sistēmu atlase un projektu vadība
Business optimization

ERP system selection and project management

We provide selection of the most suitable ERP system and manage and supervise its implementation process.


I can say with confidence that the involvement of Gedvillo Consulting in the ongoing implementation of ERP software set our team and project on a brand new path. Implementing ERP software is not an everyday activity for most companies. Competent project organization, accurate identification of priorities and evaluation of risks – these are some of the keywords that describe Gedvillo Consulting.

Atsauksmes par Gedvillo ERP programmas ieviešanu
Valērijs Bariševs
SLO Latvia SIA, General Director

It was important for us to implement our chosen ERP system smoothly and without surprises (both financially, and in terms of other resources). Thanks to the involvement of Gedvillo Consulting and their competence, we achieved optimal project results. We are satisfied with the successful project management and the implemented ERP software.

Atsauksmes par Gedvillo ERP programmas ieviešanu
Ričards Andersons
CrossChem SIA, CEO

Working with Gedvillo Consulting was the main factor enabling our manufacturing company to successfully implement business management (ERP) software. We initially lacked ERP software implementation experience, and there was no initiative on the supplier's side. This created communication and coordination issues. The result was that our company was only partly harnessing the potential of the implemented ERP software, but our expectations had been higher, so we were driven to improve the implemented system. Gedvillo Consulting representatives quickly evaluated the situation, carried out a process audit and optimization and worked with various suppliers to find and realize the best solutions. Previously unautomated processes like production planning, calculations and staff record-keeping were included in our software. There were also significant improvements to system components responsible for accounting, salaries, logistics and warehousing. As a result, we experienced considerable productivity growth. I am happy with our cooperation with Gedvillo Consulting; users of the ERP software are satisfied, and our everyday work has become easier, smoother and more efficient. As our company grows and our demands change, we will be sure to use the services of Gedvillo Consulting again

Atsauksmes par Gedvillo ERP programmas ieviešanu
Jānis Garančs
Aloja Starkelsen, General Director
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