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Individual coaching

Group trainings and workshops - custom content, custom length

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ERP selection and implementation

Steps and methods for effective, predictable and transparent selection and implementation of ERP software in your company – from conception to a functioning solution.

Agile and leadership

All that is required for your team members and management in their Agile journey.

Product Owner Backlog Priorities


Scrum framework for small companies and large enterprises. From basics to advanced tips & tricks, based on years of hands-on experience.


Kanban method for individual use, as well as for your team and organization level. 


Agile, Scrum, Kanban

Most popular and acknowledged training and certification led by the best practising experts internationally and in Latvia. Starting from team members and up to upper-level management

ERP sistēmu un programmatūru ieviešanas apmācības
ERP sistēmu un programmatūru ieviešanas konsultācijas

LEAN, 5S, TOC, Six Sigma

An understanding of LEAN, the ability to spot and prevent losses, to identify process optimization needs, with the opportunity to find solutions for some student problems and to generate process improvement ideas.

Training and workshop development and facilitation online

By combining modern tools with tricks of the trade, any training course can be adapted to remote learning, without the loss of contact or collaboration among the participants.

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