Agile Mindset Implementation

If you and your business operate in a field where priorities, client desires or the market constantly change at a moment’s notice and it is crucial to maintain focus on quick and qualitative delivery within a short cycle, Agile task management is just the solution for you.

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Research indicates:

0 %
of traditionally organized projects and teams fail
0 %
of projects fail due to constantly changing priorities


Uzņēmumu izaicinājumi darba procesā

Does it ring a bell?

Research has shown that the majority of projects and product development are challenged by timely delivery and within the allocated budget. Company and team managers complain about:

If any of this seems familiar, it is highly likely that your project, team or business is nearing a failure.

Agile mindset as a solution

We have a solution! Known by the name of Agile, it is a set of the best global practices based on 12 principles.

It describes your team’s and business’ ability to quickly respond to change, such as client desires, competitor activities, technological changes, employee motivation and the like, in a way that does not impede your productivity or decrease quality. It also describes your ability to develop products and services that are not only competitive in ever-changing circumstances but are one step ahead of your competitors and other solutions.

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Trust our experts to implement Agile

Our team of certified, practicing experts have 17+ years of experience in helping organizations and teams to better themselves by adapting Agile thinking and methods.

We cooperate only with industry leaders from all around the globe to offer only the highest value to our customers.

Our clients

Our clients, who have been trusting our experts for years, are the largest companies in technology and other fields in Northern and Eastern Europe:

How it works

Agile implementation process consists of multiple steps through which we guide our clients and offer the best practice based on international and domestic experience:


Setting goals

We define the client’s expectations which will add to their business development. We identify obstacles, turning them into advantages; we define a high-level plan of action for achieving the desired results.


Situation definition

We identify the current business maturity level. We then define the necessary changes – behavior, culture or habit related – within the team of leaders, employees, clients. We reach a mutual agreement for implementing these changes.


Prepare the process plan and identify the team

We develop a plan for implementing the changes discussed and identify the teams we will begin with. Agile is simple to understand but challenging to implement, which is why the best practice is to start with a few teams, learn, and grow.


Defining best practices, specific to your teams.

Every business, product or service is unique. What works for some, might not work for others, which is why we develop customized process plans to fit your business needs for successfully implementing the changes defined.


Training and workshops

Practical team workshops that are based on actual business needs and previously defined processes. Everything to prepare the client’s teams for instant action, following the new thinking, as soon as the training is complete.


Support during process launch

We give examples and support teams and their leaders through daily challenges and difficulties while changes are being implemented.


Mentoring and coaching

With the intention that parties involved will further, manage and independently improve processes for sustainable growth of the business and its teams.

Why choose Agile?

Business development

By applying Agile methods day-to-day, you will increase your business market share and turnover

Increased competitiveness

Agile methods help to quickly get ahead of your competitors, be the first and lead in innovation


Improved efficiency

Owners of the company and investors will be pleasantly surprised with the business results and improved efficiency

Satisfaction with your achievements

Through applying Agile methods, any team leader will be proud of their achievements

Next level quality

Agile will help to develop a truly valuable, high-quality product or service

Satisfied clients

Agile methods make client satisfaction a daily occurrence

Modern business

By implementing such modern methods as Agile, you will make your business the best employer in your field

Corporate sustainability

The implementation of Agile methods ensures sustainable and consistent business activity even under today's circumstances

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Be one step ahead of your competitors – implement Agile methods in your business!

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