Certified ScrumMaster (CSM)

Certified ScrumMaster

If you’re ready to grow more agile with Scrum, our Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM®) course is designed for you. You’ll learn the Scrum framework and gain an understanding of team accountabilities, events, and artifacts as well as how to guide your team to apply Scrum.





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Evelyn Tian
Evelyn Tian
Certified Scrum Trainer and Coach
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Earn the Certified ScrumMaster® certification and:

Evelyn Tian CSM CSPO

Certified ScrumMaster training

Considered the gold standard of certification, the Scrum Alliance CSM course is an interactive and engaging learning experience. Taught by our passionate trainers with rich hands-on experience from the coaching trenches, our CSM class is an excellent learning opportunity to help students start and boost their learning journey towards Agile and Scrum

Whether you want to serve as a ScrumMaster, are adopting Scrum, or just need the tools to be more agile, our Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM®) course is the right place to start. You’ll gain a solid understanding of Scrum and learn practical ways to apply it on your team and throughout your organization.

Our CSM workshop gives you hands-on skills that you can immediately apply in the real world and expand your career opportunities. Once you complete the course, you will have everything you need and more, to take and pass the CSM exam.

You will learn to:

The principles and mindset of Agile and Scrum

Write excellent user stories

Balance the relationship of a ScrumMaster, Product Owner and the development team

Sprint like a pro: from planning to review and retrospective

To define when "done" really means "done" (DoD)

To successfully plan the release of a product or service

Course content

Who should take this course?

Scrum is applicable across industries and potentially cross-functional teams, so in addition to product development professionals, marketers, data scientists, HR representatives, and other professionals looking for a better way to solve complex problems are encouraged to attend.

    The training will be beneficial to:

    – ScrumMasters or ScrumMaster candidates;

    – Developers, testers, analysts, designers, and all members of product development teams;

    – Managers, support staff who want to understand Scrum framework and ScrumMaster role through an in-depth hands-on workshop;

    – Anybody who wants to build an in-depth introduction on Agile and Scrum!

    Certified ScrumMaster


    Upon completion of the class, students will be eligible to take the Certified ScrumMaster exam and become Certified ScrumMasters (CSM).

    About the trainer

    Evelyn Tian
    Evelyn Tian
    Certified Scrum Trainer and Coach

    Evelyn Tian, is one of the few in the global Scrum community who holds high level coaching and training qualifications. She is Scrum Alliance Certified Team Coach (CTC), Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC), Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Trainer (CST), Scrum Alliance Certified Agile Leadership Educator and Scrum Alliance Certified Path to CSP Educator.

    Evelyn is an experienced coach and trainer with over twenty years of product development experience in product management, project management, system design, software design, system integration and customer support.

    Evelyn’s focus is on organization transformational strategy, continuous improvement and enhancing the art and science of crafting software. She headed Ericsson Global Transformation Support Center, providing coaching and training services to all organizations within Ericsson globally. Through coaching teams and organizations. Evelyn has built a lengthy track record and gathered deep insights in coaching organization transformation, agile leadership, and teams to reach their potential. She has designed and delivered agile leadership workshops to hundreds of leaders globally.

    Excel as a ScrumMaster or a Scrum team member – join the training now!


    Evelyn has designed the programs very carefully, and each and every session was super interactive. It was really great experience to share podium with like minded and like skilled people from different parts of the world! I am very thankful to Evelyn for such wonderful course structures, and well thought of contents and exercises. I will highly recommend the programs to all scrum masters who are willing to take one more step towards the excellence.

    Sanvid Bibawanekar
    Norway / A-CSM and CSP-SM graduate

    I really have learned so much and have enjoyed it. You are a great trainer and an inspiration. I’m so glad I chose you. Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into this course - it’s so evident how passionate you are and how much you care. I really do feel my training with you has been the most beneficial of all my past year of scrum related study and training.

    Claire Brown
    UK / A-CSM graduate

    Evelyn has the ability to feel present in a room, even though it is an online course. What I found to be exceptional about her was the way she challenged us by giving us a problem to solve using only her material and our brains. I loved every second of it.

    Josip Jurisic
    Croatia / A-CSM, A-CSPO and CSP-SM graduate

    Excellent course! Love the international feeling with participants from different continents and the learning from both A-CSM and CSP-SM! Thanks for offering it in a format that made it possible for me as a parent to a child with special needs to make my agile dreams come true without ruining my family life!

    Jens Abrahamsson
    Sweden / A-CSM and CSP-SM graduate

    I have had a long and quite extensive career, with agile coaching being a big part of it. However, Evelyn really made me think deeply and widely about how I approach my work. She has a great style, no PowerPoint is a good start. Her approach to agile is in line with that. Strip back all the non essential stuff and you are left with the core of agile, the stuff that really matters. She has re-awakened many lessons I have had in the past and made them relevant to my day to day work."

    Mike Carew
    UK / A-CSM and CSP-SM participant

    Thank you for a very, very good course. I’ve gotten much out of the sessions! I have quite a few things to test and experiment!Thank you Evelyn Tian I’ve become very inspired by your sessions and will wear the badge with pride!

    Johannes Linder
    Sweden / A-CSM and CSP-SM graduate

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    • Single person early bird €1100 + VAT

      Price per ticket if you're buying a single ticket a month before the training date

    • Single person €1250 + VAT

      Price per ticket if you're buying a single ticket.

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