Do you have ideas for improvements in your business? We are here to help you achieve results by evaluating your business processes, employees and/or data record-keeping, as well as automation solutions.

The experience and knowledge of our experts will allow you to implement your transformational and improvement projects with confidence and security. Our focus in every project is not just efficiency, measurable results and a positive ROI, but also the satisfaction and emotional well-being of everyone involved in the project.

We provide our services based on best practice examples and by selecting the most suitable approach and instruments for every client and project.


Transformation of teams and organizations to Agile

Quick, iterative, and high quality product and service delivery to the client, continuous training and development, self–organization, and transparent work process – we know how to attain it all.

Uzņēmumu apmācības: Agile komandu un organizāciju transformācija
Uzņēmumu apmācības par ERP sistēmām, projektu vadību, Agile praksēm un LEAN


Internal and public corporate training on project management, Agile mindset and frameworks and LEAN. Theory and its application in practice. Learn from experienced experts.

Biznesa optimizācija: ERP sistēmu atlase un projektu vadība

ERP system selection and project management

We provide selection of the most suitable ERP system and manage and supervise its implementation process.

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