ERP System Selection and Implementation Supervision

Stop wasting time and resources by implementing expensive and useless software!

Consultations on ERP software selection and implementation allow company owners and managers to choose and implement wisely the most suitable solution for their business process optimization, as well as make decisions based on data.

Research indicates:

0 %
of ERP implementation project deadlines are not met
0 %
of ERP implementation project costs exceed the allocated budget
0 %
of ERP implementation projects impede business processes

Source: 2018 Panorama Consulting Solutions research

ERP sistēmu un programmatūru ieviešanas konsultācijas

What is an ERP system?

ERP system by definition combines all business process (tenders, production, warehousing, etc.) data record-keeping automation and analysis within the company. The most popular ERP software includes SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, and others.

These software systems eliminate the need to purchase and maintain multiple software solutions for warehouse data record-keeping, production, CRM, and the like; they often offer powerful tools for automation and data analysis.

Why implement ERP systems?

Clients choose to improve their business processes and implement ERP systems to:

ERP sistēmu un programmatūru ieviešanas apmācības

What are ERP system applications?

Business processes most commonly covered by ERP systems:








Payroll and personnel

Q&A, Assignment Check, Class Closure

Your assistant in implementing an ERP system

GEDVILLO Consulting is a team of experts who will allow you, whether you are a division manager or an executive, to choose the most suitable ERP system to meet your needs and for you to take advantage of the client’s professional project management during the system implementation period. Our experts have been assisting Latvia’s entrepreneurs for 17 years with:

Our clients

Our clients are small and medium-sized Latvian enterprises operating in various fields.





We have experience with the following ERP software

We have experience with the most recognized ERP software solutions and their suppliers in Latvia. For 17+ years we have reviewed and assisted implementation of Microsoft Dynamics, Epicor, Sage, Infor, odoo, Hansaworld, Ozols, Visma Horizon, Solcraft FinWin, 1C, Ankravs, and other ERP software that automate warehousing, production, tender, sales, accounting and other business processes.

How it happens

ERP selection and implementation process consist of multiple steps through which we guide our clients and offer the best practice based on international and domestic experience:


Problems and goals

We identify what are the challenges that the business currently faces and what are the expectations from implementing ERP software.


The team and interested parties

We identify the team for implementing desired changes within the company (the selection of the members of the team is very significant). Interested parties are essential for collecting any important information or gaining general support within the company during the implementation process.

Uzņēmuma komanda un ieinteresētās puses ERP sistēmas ieviešanā
Procesi, prasības un mērījumi

Processes, requirements, measurements

We perform a screening or audit of all or specific processes, analyze and collect business and technical requirements for the new software, and set up successful implementation measurements. We identify the current situation and the expected outcome.


Software and supplier selection

A structured selection process based on all the information obtained is carried out; it includes evaluating both the software capabilities and the quality of the supplier from many aspects.

ERP programmatūras un piegādātāja atlase
Plānošana un līguma slēgšana

Planning and signing the contract

The implementation process, success criteria, time frame and budget are coordinated with the selected supplier. A mutually binding agreement that follows the best practices is signed.


Implementation and changes

Supervision of the implementation project and client team support in the management of internal processes (defining and specifying requirements, solution testing, data migration, communication with key users, etc.), as well as cooperation management with the system supplier. These can be either small or significant changes within a business, and the selection of the right employees is crucial for a successful implementation.

ERP sistēmas ieviešana un pārmaiņas
Atbalsts un nepārtraukta uzlabošanās

Support and continuous improvement

We offer support and continuous software improvements because we believe that a systematic process is key to successful business development.

Why choose us?

The best choice for you

We will select the most suitable ERP system for your business

Smart investment

You will invest wisely in the solution that is right for you

Best practice

We will follow the best practices in Latvia and internationally for selecting and implementing your ERP system


Improved business processes

We will review, improve and automate your business processes

Clearly defined requirements

We will define your ERP system requirements

Capacity building

We will further employee competence and prepare ERP selection and implementation


We will identify which requirements are a priority, weeding out employee fancies and habits

What our clients say about us

I can say with confidence that the involvement of Gedvillo Consulting in the ongoing implementation of ERP software set our team and project on a brand new path. Implementing ERP software is not an everyday activity for most companies. Competent project organization, accurate identification of priorities and evaluation of risks – these are some of the keywords that describe Gedvillo Consulting.

Valērijs Bariševs

It was important for us to implement our chosen ERP system smoothly and without surprises (both financially, and in terms of other resources). Thanks to the involvement of Gedvillo Consulting and their competence, we achieved optimal project results. We are satisfied with the successful project management and the implemented ERP software.

Atsauksmes par Gedvillo ERP programmas ieviešanu
Ričards Andersons
CrossChem SIA, CEO

Working with Gedvillo Consulting was the main factor enabling our manufacturing company to successfully implement business management (ERP) software. We initially lacked ERP software implementation experience, and there was no initiative on the supplier's side. This created communication and coordination issues. The result was that our company was only partly harnessing the potential of the implemented ERP software, but our expectations had been higher, so we were driven to improve the implemented system. Gedvillo Consulting representatives quickly evaluated the situation, carried out a process audit and optimization and worked with various suppliers to find and realize the best solutions. Previously unautomated processes like production planning, calculations and staff record-keeping were included in our software. There were also significant improvements to system components responsible for accounting, salaries, logistics and warehousing. As a result, we experienced considerable productivity growth. I am happy with our cooperation with Gedvillo Consulting; users of the ERP software are satisfied, and our everyday work has become easier, smoother and more efficient. As our company grows and our demands change, we will be sure to use the services of Gedvillo Consulting again.

Atsauksmes par Gedvillo ERP programmas ieviešanu
Jānis Garančs
Aloja Starkelsen, GENERAL DIRECTOR

We will help you choose the most suitable ERP system for your company, prepare your business for its introduction, and implement the system successfully.

Contact us now!

Make sure that your ERP system implementation process is not among the 79% who do not meet project deadlines, exceed the budget or have impeded business operations!

Consultations offered by GEDVILLO Consulting include:

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Quality guaranteed

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