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In this online program with more than 50 hours of learning, you’ll learn to transform your workplace into dynamic environment that delivers value to your customers and your employees.

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Angel Diaz-Maroto
Angel Diaz-Moroto
Certified Scrum Trainer and Coach

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Certified Agile Leadership Coach

The goal of the CAL Credential II is to guide leaders in deepening, applying, and sharing their Agile leadership learning. It is a deep dive into the concepts of the CAL I, including practical role-playing experiences and advanced personal growth skills. It also covers additional material that builds on CAL I around organizational culture and high performance.

CAL II complements the leadership development program by advancing your learning with advanced training, validated practice, personal coaching, and peer learning. In this online program with more than 50 hours of learning that you can complete at your own pace, you will have the opportunity to learn and deepen new leadership strategies, practice what you have learned in your own reality, and interact with other students and coaches in an environment multinational that share its values and purpose in the world of Agility.

Why learn Agile leadership:

of Agile transformations lack proper leadership support
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of management think Agile transformation is not of their concern
0 %
of transformationss encounter cultural challenges in shifting towards agility
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Source: KPMG 2019 Survey on Agility

The structure of the CAL II seminars

It is composed of online thematic sessions of 2 hours each, led by a CAL Educator with leadership coaching practices and an in-depth discussion of the main topic of each session. Participants will practice leadership coaching during the session with supervision and feedback from the instructor and other participants. Some of the topics of these sessions will be: Relational framework, Context, Purpose, Mindset, Options, Commitment and application of the #leadershipDancefloor


The structure of the CAL II self-organized team sessions

The program proposes a series of “leadership challenges” to be put into practice within the reality of the participant.

Each group of 3 to 6 people is self-built and self organized. The practice sessions will be divided into rounds of 30 min. In each round one of the participants will share the results of one of “leadership challenges”, the rest of the participants will analyze the case and share feedback on the approach towards the challenge and their own capacity to investigate the case.

At the end of the program, each participant must have participated in at least 6 exploration sessions of this type.

CAL II program model

Experience All Aspects of Kanban in a Simulation.

Individual coaching

In this program, you will need at least 5 online one-on-one personal coaching sessions with a professional coach certified by ICF and trained in the #LeadershipDancefloor

Professional evaluation of the behavior profile, motivators, emotional intelligence and leadership profile. More detailed information about the personal evaluation that we will do during the Program.

Advanced learning

Detailed Analysis Product Owner
Simulation Debrief

Validated practice

The student must send a record about their use of the #leadershipdancefloor and the testimony of at least 5 people about the evolution in her leadership style. This record will be validated by your CAL Educator in their final evaluation.

Once a student successfully completes the CAL-ETO class, the CAL II program and your case study is validated, the Student will receive the Certified Agile Leader (CAL) certification from the Scrum Alliance. In addition, the student will be accredited as a Certified Agile Leadership Coach with #LeadershipDancefloor.

Participants will learn:

Be a better leader, no matter what your role, experience, or management style

Develop an organizational culture where Agile may flourish

Development of leadership mindset needed to support growth

Deal effectively with workplace cultural challenges

Approach change from multiple angles

Gain skills to create high performing organizations

Agile facilitation and leadership techniques that you will experience​



Once you have successfully completed CAL I and CAL II, you will be eligible to apply for the Certified Agile Leader (CAL) Certification from the Scrum Alliance. Your development as an Agile leader will be evaluated by your CAL Educator and once approved, you will be awarded certification.

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About the trainers

Angel Diaz-Maroto
Certified Scrum Trainer (CST), Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) & Certified Agile Leadership Educator (CALE) by the Scrum Alliance — Professional Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation.

Angel is an energetic and forward-thinking Agile coach specializing in leadership development and organizational agility. His pragmatism and experience in organizational coaching and Business Agility are the driving forces behind his methods. Throughout his 14+ years of hands-on experience as a coach, trainer, and mentor, Angel has provided expert guidance to organizations and Agile leaders in North America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Angel’s contribution has been celebrated at ING, where he has performed as the first Agile Champion at ING Spain and chairman of the Global ING Agile Experts Group since 2010. He has also supported companies from more than 40 countries, contributing to the Agile journeys of King, Toyota, Falabella, Banco de Chile, Roche, BBVA, Sunhotels, and the PZU Group.

Angel holds the Scrum Alliance’s three highest-level certifications in the field: CST (Certified Scrum Trainer), CEC (Certified Enterprise Coach), and CALE (Certified Agile Leadership Educator).

Angel is also a PCC (Certified Professional Coach) by the International Coach Federation, a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), certified specialist in team coaching and systemic leadership, licensed NLP Practitioner, Management 3.0 facilitator, and TTI certified Behaviour and Motivation Analyst.

In addition, Angel teaches video game production at ESNE (University School of Design, Innovation, and Technology, Madrid) and innovation and design thinking at La Salle University, Barcelona. He has participated as a speaker at more than 60 international conferences and Agile events worldwide and has been a significant contributor to the international Agile community since 2009.


Natalia Cordova Rubio
Ontological coach certified in somatic coaching, team coaching, and generative leadership

Ontological coach with a somatics specialization at the Newfield Network and Teams certification by the European Coaching School; certified in Leadership by the Institute for Generative Leadership; specialization in Conscious Business Coaching, Politics and Power, and equine-assisted facilitation. Psychologist with a master’s from the University of Chile in Santiago, Chile.

With 13 years of experience as a facilitator of individual and collective learning processes, Natalia was part of the Newfield Network. She served as staff in the coaching certification program and then as content and method chief in the area of organizational consulting. She was responsible for the formation and training of senior coaches and for leading the content design and interventions implementation for organizational development in the public and private sectors and in the financial, mining, productive, educational, energy, retail, telecommunications, and services sectors.

As a consultant and coach, Natalia helps executives, leaders, and teams to enhance their management skills and expand understanding of their “ways of being and doing” (in other words, how they coexist and organize themselves). She helps them realize what they are capable of and shows them how to achieve more relevant results for themselves and for their organizations. Emphasizing personal and professional well-being, she enables clients to integrate personal development with a more human understanding of organizational efficiency.

Natalia has worked as a psychotherapist and pre- and post-graduate teacher. She has conducted research in the development of psychometric instruments and experimental methodology, and Natalia has published scientific articles while cultivating her academic rigor. Her passion for the generation and transfer of knowledge has become widely recognized as her professional brand.


Maria Antonia Velasco
ICF-certified coach with 15+ years of experience on executive boards in big corporations and HR director

For the past 15 years. Maria Antonia has been an HR director and executive committee member of major companies in the service sector. She has also carried out projects as an HR consultant in Spain and Brazil, and she is a sought-after trainer of leadership and communications skills.

Starting in 2017, Maria Antonia has offered her services as an executive coach. She is internationally certified as a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach by CTI (Coaching Training Institute) and is accredited as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by ICF (International Coach Federation). She is trained in Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) by CRR Global.

Maria Antonia is also certified in Agile Leadership by the Scrum Alliance and as a DISC Behavior, Leadership, and Motivation Analyst.“After years of using coaching techniques as a tool for speeding the development of professionals in the companies I was managing,” said Maria Antonia, “I can now perform my role as a coach directly, helping individuals accomplish their objectives in both their private and professional lives.”

Maria Antonia coaches in Spanish, Catalan, and Portuguese, after spending years in San Paulo (Brazil).
In Spain, Maria Antonia has received training in Business Schools (IESE, EAE) related to the management of Business Change, the Strategic People Management of Organizations, Conflict Management and Resolution, and Negotiations Techniques by CMI (Harvard), and in Agile Leadership by the Scrum Alliance.


ICF certified & ORCS certified professional coach, certified '' Leadership circle'' facilitator.

An ICF-certified and ORSC-certified professional coach and certified “Leadership Circle” facilitator with more than 17 years of professional experience, Maria Becerro began her career in India in the cooperation and development sector in different countries (Educator, Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, Morocco) in addition to organizations in the third sector (Save the Children, Ipade, and AECID).

Maria specialized in the evaluation of programs and public policy, dedicating herself to consulting. She worked 11 years as an expert in university quality at the National Agency for the Evaluation of Quality and Accreditation (ANECA), filling leadership and management roles in international departments and those dedicated to the evaluation of university degrees.

She has worked with teams for seven years, and she possesses broad experience in training and the provision of information.
Maria now focuses on developing the leadership competencies of educational directors (especially at the university level), working with professors and students to promote effective leadership in the programs of study in educational programs.

Maria is enthusiastic and committed to encouraging the personal and professional development of both individuals and teams. Dynamic, happy, and vital, Maria possesses solid leadership competencies. With her knowledge of leadership, growth, and development, she is passionate about creativity and enthusiastic about motivating the educational community (directors, professors, and students).

Maria designs and teaches courses on the development of leadership in different organizations, and she speaks about personal development and leadership at conferences and universities.Maria possesses international certifications in coaching (Coach Co-Activo; ORSC Practitioner; Teams and Relation Coach) and assists with the 360-degree diagnostics tools (“Leadership Circle”). She is also certified as an Agile Leader by the Scrum Alliance, in addition to being an expert in coaching and leadership in education.


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It is a journey of self discovery and deepening in your personal leadership and how from there you can influence changes in organizations

CAL II will make you transcend as a person, professional, leader and coach pursuing your purpose that you will have found in the months that the program lasts. It is revealing!

The experience lived in this program exceeded my initial expectations, it was intense, it demanded of me, but the reward was the richness of the group exchange. Without a doubt, it transformed my way of feeling leadership.

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