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Our masterclass will help any team achieve maximum efficiency in their workflow by quickly mastering the Kanban approach and using it in their work right away.


Jānis Lāma
Jānis Lāma
Agile trainer and coach
Artūrs Gedvillo
Artūrs Gedvillo
Agile and self-awareness trainer and coach

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  • Single person €990

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  • Bundle with KSI training and KMP certificate €1300

    Bundle for KSD and KSI trainings both together.

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Kanban board

Kanban for Teams training

We invite you to class “Kanban for Teams”. Here you will master fundamentals of “Stop starting and start finishing” mindset. This class is intended to break some of the widespread believes how the work processes are organized and optimized. With help of systems thinking tools you will learn how to work in bigger picture with all the diversity of your tasks. It will help to avoid local optimizations and focus on the efficiency of whole system (team, process, organization)!

It is a starting point towards an ability to build a system that will be fit for its need. This class will create sufficient skills to start using Kanban in your organization and team as a tool to visualize issues in your systems and improve them to perfection.

Improve your existing system

Already running Kanban in your organization? Then bring with you your biggest challenges and problems. Together with trainers and other course attendees find solutions and advance your Kanban to the next level!

This workshop will provide insight into Kanban method, thinking in systems, bottleneck
identification and workflow management.

Kanban Principles and Practices

Kanban training improves:

better visibility in work
0 %
improved development flow
0 %
reduction in work in progress
0 %

Source: Insights into the Perceived Benefits of Kanban in Software Companies, Springer (2016)

Participants will learn to:

Kanban values and principles

Dividing work in categories and assigning priorities

Balance team capacity and request

Create Kanban board hands-on based on real life example of customer

Simulation game


Work flow improvement tactics

Main topics

Introduction & Foundations of Kanban System Design

Definition of Kanban

Experience Kanban

Full simulation using the get Kanban game or similiar options

Experience All Aspects of Kanban in a Simulation.
Simulation Debrief

Understanding Kanban

Implementing Kanban

STATIK tool to design Kanban system
Visual Boards & Final Exercise

Kanban Board Design

Who benefits from this course

Kanban works across multiple functions of an organisation, from senior members of staff looking to adopt Lean Management to members of delivery teams willing to improve their working practices. Previous KMP1 attendees have been in roles such as:

About trainers

Jānis Lāma
Jānis Lāma
Agile Trainer and Coach

Jānis Lāma was a co-founder of the Agiletransformer movement in Latvia, which brings together various Agile practitioners. He is also a board member of the organisation “Agile Latvia”. “Agile Latvia” organizes smaller regular meetings and the annual “Agile Day Riga” conference, thus promoting the Agile approach in Latvia. He is also an Agile trainer and lecturer at University of Latvia and RISEBA.

Jānis has gained various Agile related certifications and is a Scrum trainer, and therefore co-trains Scrum courses with other CST trainers from the Scrum Alliance. He likes to work on the principle “Stop Starting, Start Finishing” and strongly believes in Agile values, especially “People and Interaction over Processes and Tools”.

Artūrs Gedvillo
Artūrs Gedvillo
Agile and Self-awareness trainer and coach

Artūrs is a product, project and people management specialist, focused on optimization of value teams and organizations deliver to their customers (also colleagues). He prefers Lean – Agile mindset, however, has strong experience in traditional team and project management. His experience in the field spans for more than 18 years. 

He is a guest lecturer in three largest universities of Latvia – University of Latvia, Riga Technical University and RISEBA, training students on Agile, Scrum, Kanban and mindfulness in various Agile studies programs.

He continuously keeps adding new expertise, e.g., psychoanalysis, mindfulness and healing. This allows not only discover himself as an integral human being, but also gives extra value to his customers when humanity is a priority.

Improve the efficiency of the whole system!
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Lots of takeaways from the training by Artūrs! I will observe my colleagues, step in their shoes and focus more on my own actions, hoping to become a better team mate!

Jānis is an outgoing and exciting coach who knows how to lead the training interestingly and in a convincing manner. Therefore, the students focus better and participate more actively, thus reaching better training results.

Anda Mūrniece

Ticket prices

  • Single person €990

    Price for single ticket

  • Bundle with KSI training and KMP certificate €1300

    Bundle for KSD and KSI trainings both together. After both of there trainings you will receive Kanban Management Professional certification.

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