Simon Kneafsey

Certified Agile and Scrum trainer

Simon Kneafsey

Simon has 20+ years of industry experience and has been using Scrum since 2005. He led the development of the Times newspaper iPad app and

He is one of only a few Scrum trainers globally able to offer the full range of courses. He trains and coaches Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Developers and organisations in their transition to Scrum and Agile.

Simon is based in London, UK and offers Scrum training courses with certification all over the world. He is happy to provide private training, coaching and consulting for organisations.



Attending a class led by Simon is a great experience. I learnt a lot in a great atmosphere. Simon turned the training into a vivid discussion of professionals and prepared me for the certification I've just passed. Thank you!

Slawomir Grzmiel

Very safe learning environment, learned a lot in short period of time. Simon was a great facilitator, technology worked well and overall a great experience. Thank you!

Gareth McKillop
United Kingdom

I had a swell time at Simon's online training session, which was an amazing experience and appreciated the whole virtual world platform, no difference to being in a room. Learnt alot and the whole breakout rooms made it more seamlessly interactive and smooth, made the whole process more enjoyable whilst learning. Simon is very knowledgeable and explained himself very well, puts the whole role into perspective for me.

Adebisi Giwa
United Kingdom

Simon is extremely knowledgeable about Scrum in theory and provides valuable examples of his practical experiences in the Scrum environment. It was my second course with him and I chose actively to come back to learn from him.

Matteo Gnoss
United Kingdom

Very enjoyable and useful course. I learnt lots of new things which will be super helpful for my daily work and career growth itself. I really appreciate Simon as a teacher, facilitator and mentors. He is simply amazing! The sessions are very well-organized, engaging, informative and the time just flies by. I highly recommend his courses to anyone looking for Scrum training! I am full of insights and motivation!

Nutsa Kuprava
United Kingdom

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