Jānis Lāma

Partner, Agile trainer and coach

Jānis Lāma

Jānis Lāma was a co-founder of the Agiletransformer movement in Latvia, which brings together various Agile practitioners. He is also a board member of the organisation “Agile Latvia”. “Agile Latvia” organizes smaller regular meetings and the annual “Agile Day Riga” conference, thus promoting the Agile approach in Latvia. He is also an Agile trainer and lecturer at University of Latvia and RISEBA.

He has extensive experience in Agile implementation in various organizations from finance, gaming, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, IT and other industries. He has facilitated various Agile seminars, retreats and workshops (currently there are more than 55 Lean-Agile related workshops in his training portfolio), enjoys working with Leadership people for corporate behaviour/culture change.

Jānis is currently working at “Printify” as Head of Product Operations and as Agile Coach is helping several large organisations in the Baltics and Scandinavia to overcome challenges for enabling Lean-Agile environment and mindset in the company. This process includes tasks such as: tackling the mindset and practices of organisational leaders, portfolio level transparency, process excellence with focus on the end customer value and minimising waste, organisational structures for collaboration, innovation and teamwork, and facilitating the company for the path of continuous improvement.

Jānis has gained various Agile related certifications and is a well-known trainer, currently on his way to become the first Scrum trainer in the Baltics and therefore co-trains Scrum courses with other CST trainers from the Scrum Alliance. He likes to work on the principle “Stop Starting, Start Finishing” and strongly believes in Agile values, especially “People and Interaction over Processes and Tools”.



Jānis is an outgoing and exciting coach who knows how to lead the training interestingly and in a convincing manner. Therefore, the students focus better and participate more actively, thus reaching better training results.

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