Modern Software Engineering

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This course offers theory, insights, and practical experience on modern software delivery. We will compare iterative and sequential methods, and look into organizing value streams from inception to rapid development to frictionless operations.


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Andrey Adamovich
Andrey Adamovich
Software delivery expert and trainer

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Modern software engineering

We invite you to our 5-session online class “Modern software engineering “! After the course you will comprehend the modern software delivery processes and be able to speak the same language as your developers!

Main topics of the course​

Participants will:

Look at different software delivery methods and their history

Assess different testing and quality assurance methodologies

Learn to draw a system design using
different patterns and strategies

Get to know the concept of continuous delivery

Overview modern technical ecosystems – programming languages, runtime engines, frameworks, products

Learn to manage unplanned work

Course schedule

Introduction & Foundations of Kanban System Design

Session No. 1

  • History of software delivery methodologies.
  • Methodology overview: Waterfall, V-model, FDD,RAD, Agile, SEMAT, Cynefin.
  • Iterative vs incremental; Flow of value: product vs project.
  • Requirement collection and analysis. Functional vs non-functional requirements. Specification by example.

Session No. 2

  • System design and architecture visualizations (design language and notation overview, diagram types).
  • System design patterns and strategies: Coupling and cohesion; Data flow vs control flow; Upfront vs evolutionary; Top-down vs bottom-up.
  • Design decomposition; Functional and business analysis.
Experience All Aspects of Kanban in a Simulation.
Simulation Debrief

Session No. 3

  • Overview of modern technical ecosystems: programming
    languages, runtime engines, frameworks, products.
  • Overview of technologies dominating different layers of
    typical software system: frontend, backend, databases,
    integrations, mobile.

Session No. 4

  • Introduction to testing methodologies and quality assurance disciplines.
  • Introduction to TDD and XP practices.
  • Testing pyramid; Quality assurance strategies (testing, security, policies).
  • Testing types: unit, integration, system, functional, acceptance,
    end-to-end, performance.
  • Technical debt and maintainability metrics.
  • Refactoring vs redesign planning.
  • Introduction to static code analysis.
STATIK tool to design Kanban system
Visual Boards & Final Exercise

Session No. 5

  • Introduction to Continuous Delivery and DevOps.
  • Notes on ITIL and ITSM.
  • Infrastructure-as-code, immutable infrastructure, delivery pipelines, GitOps.
  • Service-level metrics: SLAs and SLOs.
  • Error budgets, mean time to recovery.
  • Unplanned work management.
GEDVILLO Consulting Certificate


All participants will receive a certificate of attendance from Gedvillo Consulting.

Before and after the training participants will be asked to pass an assessment: 25 random questions out of 100. Passing score – 75%. Certificate of completion will be given to the participant the  when assessment is passed. In order to receive the certificate, participant must attend the training with web camer turned on 80% of the total training time 

About the trainer

Andrey Adamovich
Andrey Adamovich
Software delivery expert and trainer

Andrey is a software craftsman with many years of experience in different lifecycle phases of software creation. He is passionate about defining good development practices, documenting and presenting architecture, reuse of code and design patterns, profiling and analysis of application performance as well as extreme automation of development and operations activities.

At the moment, Andrey is offering his expertise in implementing DevOps initiatives, selecting automation tooling, switching to infrastructure-as-code and immutable infrastructure and constructing software delivery pipelines.


Andrey is a frequent speaker at international conferences and local communities. He is one of the leaders of Latvian Software Craftsmanship Community as well as co-founder and organizer of DevTernity conference.

Get on the same page
with your software developers!


Well prepared and logically structured topics. Good practical exercises in preprepared environments. Awesome stuff altogether!

Olga Avramenko
QA manager, Krusche & Company

Wow! One of the best course for long time for sure.

Tambet Paide

Subjects touched were well backed by the presentation, timing/agenda was perfect. Waiting forward for the next training 🙂

Cristian Manda

The agenda is good and it flows well. Good labs, making me think all the time. Nice to see some book recommendations as well. Its been hard but enjoyable - I've learnt a lot.

Tony Roberts


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