Certified Agile Leadership I (CAL I)

Certified Agile Leadership I - CAL1

This 16 hour online masterclass is a unique leadership development learning experience aimed at those who pursue to acquire the capabilities to lead and nurture Agile organisations

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Angel Diaz Moroto CAL Training

Certified Agile Leadership

CAL1 in the #LeadershipDancefloor is a unique leadership development learning experience aimed at those who pursue to acquire the capabilities to lead and nurture Agile organisations. Agile organisations are able to understand and react quickly to the changes of their customer’s needs and therefore maximise customer acquisition and retention in the current business environment.
CAL1 in the #LeadershipDancefloor delivered by Angel Diaz-Maroto is the only training that is approved by the Scrum Alliance as a Certified Agile Leadership 1 (CAL1) program and by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as a Continuous Coach Education (CCE).
Our commitment is that in this certification you will know a solid frame of reference to enhance your leadership skills and that of others in the context of Agile organizations, applicable from day one back to your reality.

How is this the best training in the market?

We can guarantee is that you will be trained by one of the best Agile coaches in the world and that your understanding of agility and leadership will change forever after this class.
In its third year of execution, with 700 participants and in version 50, CAL1 by Ángel Díaz-Maroto, condenses the lessons learned from mistakes and successes obtained in more than 14 years of experience leading towards Agility within companies of various sizes, domains, contexts and cultures of 30 countries on 3 continents.
This training is eminently practical and integrates various facilitation and teamwork techniques. You will experience, analyze and practice the different models on real scenarios, in pairs and in teams, under the supervision and accompaniment of the trainer.
Angel Diaz Moroto Online Training

Why learn Agile leadership:

of Agile transformations lack proper leadership support
0 %
of management think Agile transformation is not of their concern
0 %
of transformationss encounter cultural challenges in shifting towards agility
0 %

Source: KPMG 2019 Survey on Agility

Participants will learn:

What is Agile leadership

What skills do change agents need to integrate to encourage, mobilize and facilitate the adoption of agility

What is an Agile transformation

Where will you find resistance in the system

How to identify, understand and work the resistance of the system

What is necessary to examine and understand in order to enhance the influence of the leader in the organization

Agile facilitation and leadership techniques that you will experience​

Certified Agile Leadership I - CAL1


At the end of this training experience, you will obtain two accreditations of great international prestige Certified Agile Leadership 1 (CAL1) by the Scrum Alliance and Certified Agile Leadership Practitioner as CCE by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Who benefits from this course

CAL participants vary by professional background and work experience. The common thread is their desire to enhance their workplaces (and their clients’ workplaces) with Agile values, practices, and metrics. This program is for anyone leading or participating in an Agile transformation. 

About the trainer

Angel Diaz-Maroto
Angel Diaz-Maroto
Certified Scrum Trainer and Coach

Angel Diaz-Moroto holds the three highest level certifications in the field from the Scrum Alliance: CST (Certified Scrum Trainer), CEC (Certified Enterprise Coach) and CAL Educator (Certified Agile Leadership Educator). Additionally, Angel is a certified co-active coach (CPCC), specialist in team coaching and systemic leadership, Management 3.0 facilitator, Licensed NLP Practitioner and DiSC Certified Behaviour and Motivation Analyst.

Angel Diaz-Moroto is a very energetic, proficient and forward-thinking coach who specializes in coaching organizations throughout their Agile journeys. His pragmatism and experience in Organizational Coaching and Business Agility are the driving forces behind his perceptive methods of action. As an insightful coach, trainer, and mentor, he has helped to constructively and successfully improve quality standards, product/service delivery, and has contributed to continuous improvement and innovation capabilities in a diverse set of companies, from small start-ups to fortune 500 multinational organizations.
Angel´s abilities to empower leadership, to influence organizational culture, to unleash value creation and to process improvement are recognized worldwide. Throughout his 11+ years of hands-on experience in Agile coaching, Angel has provided expert guidance to achieve remarkable growth for organizations and Agile professionals from more than 25 countries in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. Angel’s contribution has been especially noticeable in ING, King, Banco de Chile, Falabella, Toyota, Sunhotels and PZU group success cases.

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Very interactive and thorough. Although there was a lot of information, it was presented in a good structure!

IVery important training to become a leader that wants to be agile in the world we live today.

Highly informative hands-on training with useful tools for any manager.

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