Andrii Orfani

Agile coach, ICAgile authorised trainer

Andrii Orfani

Andrii Orfani is an extremely passionate Agile and marketing trainer, SPC, and Content Creator for clients with luxury focus.  He successfully applies and combines knowledge and experience in Digital marketing with Agile methodology to get the best result.

Andrii has results-driven mindset and experience in Team leading, Agile Training, Agile Project Management, Scrum Mastery, Business Analysis, Lean Six Sigma, Digital Marketing, Content creation, Analytics, PPC, Organic marketing, and Customer Service. He has aught over 2000 students and helped them to change or improve their professional lives! 



Andrii was my Digital Marketing Immersion trainer for the past three months, and what a journey it was. Andrii is exceptionally kind, motivated, and knowledgeable! He helped me build a base in digital marketing. Andrii is highly dedicated to his team, and he is always willing to help! Andrii is a great team leader who is highly passionate about digital marketing and its developments within this industry.

Sedal Samir
Dubai, united arab emirates

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